Smart Horizontal Slim Sleeve

Smart Horizontal Slim Sleeve


How does it work?

Low Energy Bluetooth module, combined with a slim GPS module, synchronize with your smartphone to protect you. Every time, you forget your Wallor, or is removed from your sight, it will send a notification to your phone. Wallor App will help you find it in a messy room, or in a public place. Multiple preferred locations will turn off notifications when you are home or staying in a hotel room. Slim, elegant, but with the latest technology, Wallor was designed to simplify your life, remove your worries and protect you no matter what.


- 4 - 8+ cards
- RFID Protection
- 3 quick access card pockets
- ID pocket
- Hidden pocket for less used cards
- Third practical leather layer
- Money clipper support
- 6 beautifully combined colors
- Premium leather, elegant, slim
- Size: 4.6 x 3.5 x 0.25 inch (118 x 90 x 7 mm)
- Monthly Data price : 3.5$
Free data plan for ONE YEAR

Backed by our One Year Warranty

Product available for Delivery starting with July 2017

Slim and Smart

Offering a slim but elegant and practical solution, Wallor Slim Sleeve, combines functionality with style and keeps it beautifully simple. Optimized for all currencies, whether is USD, UK pound, Euro or Japanese, our solution unfolds your bills and protects your cards through the slimmest design on the market. Not only that, but now you don't have to fear about losing your wallet anymore. Smart, slim, trendy, fashionable - Wallor



6 unique colors for your perfect style.


- Connectivity: BLE/GPS/GSM
- Compatibility: iPhone 4S and later, Bluetooth 4.0 Android phone (Windows Phone - in progress)
- Range: BLE - 60m, GPS - global
- Battery life: up to 3 months + recharging ability
- Battery type: Li-on rechargeable battery (400 mAh)
- Charging: wireless charging pads (QI compatible)
- Full charging time: 5 hours
- Sound: Built-in ringer


Simple and efficient


Keep it simple, keep it slim but be unique.

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